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Zeus integrated management software

  • a complete system whose modules can be used separately, but they have access to one common database
  • we recommend using this software solution to those businesses that wish to gain daily information – necessary for decision making – from the most reliable database: the analytic register
  • the analytic data registered are entered into the ledger for an optional period via book entry
  • when using the whole system, it becomes apparent that the modules work together
  • this collaboration manifests itself in, for instance, offering quotations during the bidding process, preparing invoices, etc.; that is, it covers the whole administrative process involved in transactions
  • the parameters of the system may be set individually; an unlimited number of people can use it; the quantity of processable documents is not limited


  • helping companies that use double-entry bookkeeping with accounting and other bookkeeping tasks as specified in decrees and laws
  • receiving data from analytic book entries
  • of the date entered, profit and loss account and balance sheets can be requested in accordance with the selected type
  • automatic execution of annual closing and opening tasks


      • invoicing according to accounting and VAT laws, and the relevant PM decrees and and directives
      • currency options can be chosen and printed in Hungarian, English, and German
      • itemized recording of incoming domestic trade and import invoices, and preparing invoices to be sent out
      • customer and supplier analytics (invoices, unbalanced invoices), VAT analytics, financial correspondence
      • to aid the preparation of loan request forms: most significant partners, overdue obligations, claims
      • cash management and cash-flow recording aided by cash-flow statement titles, thus reducing the time-consumption of the task
      • cash report for a certain period; denomination register of the reported cash flow; customizable analytic search; ledger entry on/by the date indicated

Fixed assets

      • analytic registry of fixed assets of businesses
      • accounting diminution in value
      • registry of other asset movements
      • give an account of diminution in value according to accounting and corporate tax laws and other types of diminution
      • registry of the master files and opening value of formerly and newly acquired assets
      • registry and tracking from acquisition, activation, depreciation, extraordinary depreciation, accounting ledger dispatch, inventory records, statements, statements of tax beneficiary investments, and of investments funded by development reserves


      • analytic register of business stocks with groupings as determined in the chart of accounts
      • register of value plus quantity or quantity only of stocks
      • the value registered is the acquisition price
      • ledger book entry of stock use


      • filing business documents by person, by group, or centrally
      • grouping documents, administrators, due dates
      • connecting documents coming in and going out
      • creating and printing registry books
      • by setting sorting criteria, the user can search the entered documents for information according to individualized needs


      • registry of the trading process
      • delivery certificate using the data entered of the offer (quote), order, and confirmation
      • the user can set the parameters of the module (for instance, at the same time as the delivery note and the invoice are prepared, the user can also move the stock)


complex professional software system for providers of social relief services

handles administrative tasks throughout the whole process:

      • receiving requests
      • decision-making
      • tracking of payment through credit/debit card terminals (POS), through banking terminals, or direct transfer to retail current accounts

Financial Management module:

      • tracks the utilization of the sum available for social relief services
      • performs the daily tracking of other available funds


– financial software system for those cared for in social welfare institutions

      • processes and manages the personal and financial data of residents in social welfare institutions
      • provides tracking services, taking multiple possible factors into consideration
      • manages the payroll accounting of service fees and the analytical bookkeeping of the residents’ data
      • the Invoice Module of the software produces invoice forms of service fees, and of all other expenses (medicine, guest lunch, phone, etc.) assigned to a resident
      • the In Waiting Module offers assistance with the orders in decree 9/1999. (XI.24) the Ministry of Social and Domestic Affairs, which determines the requisitioning of social provision with personal care


– professional software system for providers of regional social care services

      • in accordance with the social management and services legislation
      • administration, documentation of: social catering, home care, day care club activities, home care with alarm system, support services

Other software systems


software system for aggregate and concrete classification and planning

      • the software performs the analysis of aggregates for MSZ 4798-1:2004 HK and its derivatives
      • the resulting data can be used to determine the optimal combination of aggregates
      • mixture proportioning for concrete is executed according to the method developed by Dr. János Ujhelyi
      • concrete analysis: compression test on specimen of different shapes (acc. to MSZ 4798-1:2004) for determining and documenting compression strength


register software system for anglers’ associations
create a register:

      • members’ personal data
      • characteristics and type of permit

further functions:

    • assigning types of tickets to members in the reference year and creating settlement forms when required
    • tracking the traffic of different types of tickets for any given period